Blogging 2.0

I haven’t blogged in a while. In fact, I only published a single blog post last year. I started blogging after I completed my PhD in 2015 but before I resumed at my current position in Edinburgh. Needless to say, it has been quite difficult to create time for my blog. However, in the last one year, two senior colleagues (I won’t name them) have encouraged me to resume blogging. I should also mention that another colleague (again, no names) was not quite supportive of the idea of blogging. I have now taken the decision to resume blogging and my goal (fingers and toes crossed) is to publish a blog post at least once a week.

By any standard, my blog is a relatively small one. Nevertheless, the stats from WordPress suggests that the blog has a broad and diverse audience. The stats indicate that, even in 2017 when I only blogged once, there were visitors from 20 different countries (including from far flung places such as Australia and New Zealand). Furthermore, in 2017, my blog received visitors from North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.

As usual, I will be blogging on topics and issues that broadly reflect my research interests and expertise. I will therefore be blogging on issues relating to the interface between intellectual property and human rights. I will also be blogging on issues concerning the interface between intellectual property and other areas of international law (such as international trade law and international investment law). I think I will stop here for now. I will be back next week!


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