About Me


My name is Emmanuel Kolawole Oke. I hold an LL.B degree (obtained in 2007) from the University of Lagos and I am qualified to practice as a lawyer (Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria; called to the bar in November 2008) in Nigeria. I equally hold an LL.M degree (obtained in 2010) from the University of Lagos and an LL.M degree (obtained in 2011) in the field of Intellectual Property and Technology Law from the National University of Singapore. In addition, I hold a PhD degree in Law (obtained in 2015) from University College Cork. I am a Lecturer in International Intellectual Property Law at Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh.

My research expertise and interests include: Intellectual Property Law, International Intellectual Property Law, International Human Rights Law, (the interface between) Intellectual Property and Human Rights, and Business and Human Rights.

Basically, this blog examines issues/topics relating to Intellectual Property Law. I also discuss issues relating to the intersection between Intellectual Property Rights and Human Rights.

You can contact me via emmanuel.oke@ed.ac.uk

You can read some of my publications here

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are solely mine in my own private capacity.